We don't sell ordinary domain names, we sell high quality unique brand packages. In most cases, multiple domain extensions are included together with the dot com & in some cases the Federal Trademark is included. If you happen to like the logo, then we'd be happy to include the source files with a brand package purchase.

Arovox’s original strategic vision of empowering individuals and small businesses with an eco-system of integrated law products & services:
    • – to answer basic legal questions & provide DIY forms
    • – guidance in finding & hiring a lawyer, beyond DIY
    • – to find the best lawyers in your area
    • - a confidential cloud communication tool for lawyers & clients

If you are interested in individual names or continuing the original vision with all the names as a bundle, please contact us.


The package includes a complete set of 11 domains, including multiple TLD's & alternate character version. As a result, the EzLawyer brand has a strong foundation & is protected from competitors & brand dilution.

Also, EzLawyer.TV & .mobi have you covered for multimedia options & further extending the brand.

This brand name has it all: easy visual recognition, easy to understand, simple to remember over time, ez to type & a strong positive meaning. Since most people find the prospect of contacting a lawyer rather intimidating, they'll be reassured & encouraged by the idea of a service that's "EZ", leading to greater practice growth.

    Go2aLawyer (.com & .net)
    GoToaLawyer (.com & .net)

The name says it all & packs a great marketing punch!

Both spellings ensure maximum impact & make it easy for potential client's seeking your services. (Simply forward all versions to your main website & your prospects will find you). (& .net)

Confident & reassuring, this name communicates well with potential clients.
Also, very easy to remember.

    • & .net

FavoriteLawyer .com  (.com & .net)

myLawyersOffice .com

Best-Legal-Help .com

SafeLaw .net
   ...because your highly skilled legal services are like a "safety net" for your clients.


[LawLoop group has been SOLD]